Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quick Homemade Gifts

Are you like me?  And find yourself struggling to come up with something new for family members as Christmas gifts?  If you have kids (or not!) let them paint some original artwork!  For two years in a row, my kids have painted original pieces for their family.  It's sooo easy!

All you need is:
*canvas (there are all sorts of sizes and prices at hobby stores).  I've used 10x10 for consistency recently
*paint (I like the Apple Barrel brand I get at Michaels)
*brushes (it's good to have a handful of different sizes)
*paper to protect your surface
*something to put paint in (I've used dixie cups, bowls, egg cartons)

Then you literally just let the creativity flow.  At times I need to do one layer, let it dry, and then paint a second layer.

You can then find a blank wall and start a painted canvas wall!

Have fun

Hello!  It's Saturday - and technically here in the states it's called Small Business Saturday.  One of my favorite days to shop.  If I can, I always try to shop smaller businesses, which is one reason I love digital scrapbooking - because each designer is their own boss!  It's also why I love Etsy, and plan on doing a bit of Christmas shopping this afternoon on their site!

Marieke, with Romajo designs has taken a bit of time off from designing - mostly so that she could travel to the states and go to Disneyworld!  I was so excited for her and her family to get to enjoy one of my favorite places to travel to!

She is back, and back strong!  Grab some coffee and get ready to enjoy your reading!

First, this weekend she is having a sale on her entire site!

She also has 3 new kits out today.  The rest of her P12 2014 series.  You can get Oct, Nov, and Dec to finish up your monthly projects!

There are some adorable elements in these kits!  Check out the scrapping I've been doing!

I know I typically have been making some 3x4 journal cards for you with her monthly release, and I still will!  I've just been busy scrapping and getting ready for a fun 12 days of Christmas event!  More free things!!  yay!

Lastly, Romajo participated in a collaboration with Fran B Designs & Kelsey Inspired Designs over at With Love Studios.  You can get their kit today in a grab bag for a great low price and participate in some fun challenges!  Look how fun this is!

And here is a page I made with the collaboration
Are you inspired to do some scrapping and shopping today?  Go support a small business!  Happy Scrapping!  Melidy Designs, my other designer I CT for is also having a sale today!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Santa Hands

What can you do with a hand?  Over the years, my 10 year old and 7 year old have brought home some awesome art made with their hands.  I treasure those keepsakes tremendously!  One of the cleverest things I've received was from Asher's Kindergarten teacher.  He brought home the most adorable Santa on a 6 inch tile.  I waited for Ada to bring one home when she was in Kindergarten, but we had moved schools; and while they were still in the same district, the teachers didn't do the same thing!  So, I made my own.  I now have Santa hands from both of them in Kindergarten.  Last Christmas, Asher was in 4th and it was probably the last year I could fit his hand on a 6 inch tile.  I found it only appropriate that this is also his last year in the elementary school!  I plan on doing a similar hand print for my treasure box when Ada is in 4th grade.

How to do it?  It's super easy.  And outside of the drying time needed - very fast!

You will need:
  • 6x6 tile (get at hardware store - I found that a beige one works better than a white one)
  • paint (I use the washable paint you can find at craft stores - easy to use and I already had it on hand for other art projects!)
    • red
    • white
    • flesh color of your choice
    • black
  • white glitter
  • red glitter paint
  • some sort of spray sealant (used to make sure the paint doesn't come off I guess. LOL)
  • paint brushes (I found the best ones are the spongy ones so you can get the paint into the grooves of the hands easier)
  • white pom pom
  • hot glue gun
Here are the steps I did to make these
  1. Wash tile
  2. using the sponge brush, apply paint to hand - white on 4 fingers and lower portion of palm (beard), red on thumb (hat) and flesh color to upper part of palm (face)
  3. apply hand to tile (you might have to help squish their hand down to get paint on good enough.  It's also possible you might have to fill in some gaps if the hand has arches that are interesting)
  4. apply glitter to white and red
  5. after dry, paint a "hat" on the top of the "head" by filling in red and a white trim.  Add glitter
  6. after dry, add face - I used black for eyes and red glitter paint for mouth & nose
  7. after dry, spray with sealant
  8. apply white pom pom with hot glue gun
When all dry, you can have your child write their name on front or back - with the year so you can always remember when it was made :)
Here are some pictures throughout the process.

Have fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Digital Scrapbook Day!

Did you know!?  Today is Digital Scrapbook Day.  There are tons of free and sale items out on the internet.  It's the first Saturday in November, and this year it happened to be the day after Halloween.  I'm in a sugar coma this morning! LOL

I have a couple things to advertise to you today.  The first is that Melidy Designs has a SALE on her items!

The second is that Romajo Designs also has a SALE going on.  This one is also a retirement sale, so if there is anything you want, go grab it!

Lastly is a FREE blog train that Romajo Designs has participated in, and you can get this great mini kit called Time for Change!  You can find her piece at her blog.

I'm off to make a blanket (one of those tie fleece blankets) for my son.  He needed a larger one for this winter.  They say it's going to be colder than normal.  eek!  But, after that I'm back to do some scrapping!  I hope you make time to enjoy the buzz online this weekend due to Digital Scrapbooking Day!!!