Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phineas Costume

It's done!  Despite a lack of confidence, I have **somewhat** successfully created a Phineas shirt for Asher to wear this Halloween.  The stripes may not be on as secure as they would have been had I sewed them, but he only needs to wear the shirt 3 times....hoping that it lasts til Monday (which is actually Halloween).

I took a yellow tshirt from the craft store, bought some orange felt, some iron-on adhesive.  Adhered the adhesive to a large section of the felt first, (thank you Mother in Law for that tip!) then cut stripes.  The ironing was a bit dicey at times; I am not good friends with my iron; but I think it works, and the look on Asher's face when I showed him was totally worth the time I spent on it!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi, Welcome to my new blog! 

I was thinking today, while listening to someone talk about all of these crafty, wonderful ideas...that I am a crafter at heart, but in truth, I'm really just a want to be crafter!

Scrapbooking is really my one and only good craft (and even that isn't so wonderful!).  Digital scrapbooking has become my best friend....maybe because it's so less crafty than traditional?

Anyway, while she was talking, it dawned on me that I WANT to be crafty...I want to turn a piece of paper into a beautiful keepsake, or a piece of cloth into an entire window treatment!  I really think I'll never be that crafty, but thought I'd document some of my successes (and failures) in a blog...A place for me to be reminded of how much I love to think I'm crafty, but not so sure I really am. 

Welcome to my (not so) crafty life!