Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Cookie Exchange
Cranberry Double Chip Cookies

Well, I am participating in my first Christmas Cookie exchange ever tomorrow - yes.  I'm a grown woman and never participated in what seems like this rite of passage for a suburban mother/wife.  Or maybe I did once.  I think.  When I was in the midst of diapers and nursing and sleepless nights.  But alas, I can hardly remember what I wore to work yesterday let alone what cookies I might have made so many years ago.  Anyway, I'm not the best baker/cook.  I have one go to Christmas cookie recipe - a Paula Dean sugar cookie recipe, and it takes me hours to make them and decorate them.  I also felt sugar cookies seemed too simple (though, really not).  I used to make a Cranberry Double Chip Cookie that I loved.  No one else ate them.  So I stopped.  Story of a mom's life, isn't it?  If it takes time and no one appreciates it, why do I do it?  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make them.

First I had to find the recipe.  I knew I had it on a slip of paper somewhere.  Somewhere.  I found it after only about 10 minutes of digging.  Thankfully disorganization at my house has a semblance of organization!  It was an old tear out cookie cookbook from a Woman's Day magazine from 2005.  Recipes never go out of style!

Eric so politely volunteered to go to the grocery store for the chocolates and the cranberries.  And then go BACK to the store when I'd misread the recipe and had him buy too sure to read the quantity in detail.  It's BARS not squares.

Finally, cookie making begins and I was reminded of how much I love these cookies.  The chocolate overtakes the batter and even my gluten free month flew out the window as I licked the beater, licked my fingers as I shaped the cookies (yes, they were washed after each time) and licked the bowl clean.  I'm even enjoying a cookie as I type.  What makes them truly special is the fact that you shave the chocolate to a point where you feel like sending it to Military school you're so angry at it.  The small pieces melt and give you a lovely chocolaty taste while still having chunks.  Yum Yum!

Anyway, if you made it this far in my ranting, and can wish me luck in knowing what to do at the exchange and not eating too many sweets, here's the recipe!

Monday, September 3, 2018

That Castle by Melidy Designs

After a long design break Melissa (of Melidy Designs)  has a new kit to share with you all. That Castle is a whimsical and romantic kit inspired by the iconic castle at The Happiest Place in the World.  With it's pastel colors and metallic accents, That Castle is a perfect match for all of your fairy tale moments. 

Here's a look at the new kit: That Castle | Kit

Melissa also designed several co-ordinating packs, which can be viewed in the bundle,  (buying the bundle saves 33% over buying all of the products individually so is a great way to save if you are wanting all of the new packs), or individually.

Here are a couple layouts layout I scrapped with the new collection:

For a freebie and some more CT inspiration, be sure to head to  <a href="">Melissa's blog</a>. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Designs by Romajo Week 4 Summer Special

This week Designs by Romajo has packaged #summerfun: Summer Sunset, #wintermagic: Winter Nights, and the April 2016 Templates.  This package is available on With Love Studios for only a week!

Here are a few things I've done with these kits over the past months

#summerfun: Summer Sunset

#wintermagic: Winter Nights

April Template kit with Mighty Jungle

In addition to this, there's a lovely kit out today - Fresh Air.  It reminds me so much of spring and light and happiness!

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Special Week 3 by Designs by Romajo

This week's bundled set from Designs by Romajo contains #wintermagic: Frozen Splashes, #summerfun: H2O and the March 2016 template set!  I have found tons of reasons to use this awesome swimming kit and loved creating a winter page (we don't get many winter pages in Texas) with the Frozen Splashes kit!
#summerfun: H2O

#wintermagic: Frozen Splashes

March Template
(with Path of Life: Love Encounters)

(with Path of Life: Growing Pains)

My summer has kept me so busy, I'm struggling finding time to scrap!  I'm hoping I have a bit of downtime next week while 12 year old is on a missions trip! Here's hoping you have a blessed and calm weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Special Week 2 from Designs by Romajo

This week you can purchase Sophisticated Lady, Rustic Serenity, and the February templates in one bundled price (whew, February?! LOL).  These two kits contain those soft colors and remind me of times past and sweet moments in time.

Here's a little inspiration for you....


Sophisticated Lady:

Rustic Serenity:

Also, there is a new Lovely Colors being released at With Love Studios.  Today Designs by Romajo released a Dreaming of Independence kit.  You can snag each of these at $1.00 this week!

I know y'all have 4th of July photos to scrap!  I used it for these photos of my son in Patriotic swim shorts when he was barely 1!  Ah, talk about times remembered :)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Summer!

My word, is it truly July already?!  This summer is flying by.  And it's finally gotten miserably hot!

To beat the summer heat, how about a little summer sale?! Designs by Romajo is having a weekly bundled price where you can grab 2 of her great kits along with a template pack for one bundled price!

This week, (7/8 - 7/15) you can head outdoors with the Camping Adventure & Go Outdoors kits, and the January templates (doesn't that kind of make you feel chilly?!). Find them over at With Love Studio and don't forget to share your layouts in their gallery!

Here's a little inspiration for you.  Using Camping Adventure

Using the template packs

Happy Summer!  Here's to starting the countdown to school starting and cooler weather!

On a side note, did you see this "fin-tastic" kit, Swim Like a Fish, she released last weekend (while I was under the weather?!)

I know anytime I'm looking at pool pictures, I instantly feel cooler!!
Happy July!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Independence Day!

I cannot believe that it is July 1.  I mean, this summer is just flying by!  The kids are practically half done with their break, I don't feel like I've accomplished anything I thought I would with my extra time this summer, and I need to still get ready for vacatoin and back to school!  whew!

So, with that said, of course I bust out my computer and SCRAP!  :)

How about this super fun bundled kit by Neverland Scraps!  You can find all of these items at her store at Gingerscraps.  You can also follow her on Facebook on her Fan Page.  See lots of inspiration, hear about upcoming releases and sales, and maybe even grab a freebie every now and then!

I fell in love with these wooden papers!

And here's a little something I put together from a parade last July 4!

That's all for now.  I'm off to try to salvage some time from what's left of my summer! LOL